Having Trouble With NCFP Digest?

A while back someone mentioned they were having trouble with the Digest function not working. Since then I replicated the problem (only one post shows up when more posts were posted). If other have had this or any other problems, please describe them in the comments below. If anyone knows WordPress, and could help work on this problem, that would be terrific! Or if someone could send $ for me to hire someone to troubleshoot it..that would be greatly appreciated also.

1 thought on “Having Trouble With NCFP Digest?”

  1. Under the “any other problems” category: I have not regained the ability to “follow” threads that I lost last September – when I check the box that says “Notify me of follow-up comments by email,” it doesn’t. That makes my responses kind of hit and miss (but maybe that’s not a bad thing?). It might be helpful to know if anyone else has this problem.


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