Greenwire: “Could Trump move Forest Service into Interior?”

The Trump administration’s upcoming government reorganization plan could shake up the Interior Department, a longtime goal for bureaucratic tinkerers as well as for big visionaries whose ideas sometimes fizzle out.

While details remain secret, the possibilities are both intriguing to contemplate and challenging to implement.

One perennial reorganization idea is to have Interior absorb the Forest Service, reclaiming the public lands agency from the Agriculture Department. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has already mused about the notion and related possibilities.

Full article here. Our fellow NCFP blogger Andy Stahl is quoted.

4 thoughts on “Greenwire: “Could Trump move Forest Service into Interior?””

  1. Why not? Andy’s comments that Interior (you know the people with national parks and wildlife refuges) is somehow more utilitarian that USFS is baffling. Honestly there ought to be one national land management agency with sites designated as parks or forests or refuges or whatever BLM calls its lands and the rules/mission apply to that agency based on that particular land unit’s designation. One HR. One IT. Having a USFS, USFWS, BLM, NPS, etc is redundant and wasteful.


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