A Picture is Worth at Least 1000 Words

“Natural Forest Regeneration”? (in the Eldorado National Forest.)

9 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth at Least 1000 Words”

  1. Sorry, Larry, but not sure a picture of an acre of two is worth much of anything, much less whatever 1000 words you hope it would convey. Also, seems like there’s plenty of regeneration of pine in the left foreground.

    • I thought it was kind of pretty…. and educational. *smirk*

      I was looking through some older pictures to play around with using my HDR software, and this one needed some tweaking to really be a nice picture, from an artist’s perspective.

  2. Well, you can see that the forest that was there is gone.
    Yes some trees are growing back, but I also see that area is just waiting for the next fire.
    As far as fires making our forests more fire resilient, it is simply not true when everything gets burned and the forest has to start over. It seems that fires are only beneficial to the forest when they burn with low intensity and don’t kill the forest. These kinds of fires are actually very rare.
    With the threat of hotter drier days ahead you would think we would do everything we could to protect our existing forests, especially the remaining old growth.

  3. “Well, you can see that the forest that was there is gone.
    Yes some trees are growing back, but I also see that area is just waiting for the next fire.”

    Reminds me of the July 2013 Mountain Fire. Fast forward to the July 2018 Cranston Fire and it burned into all the same areas along with a little more. Whatever grew back after the Mountain Fire if anything is toast now and without mature trees to produce cones, you can kiss of reforestation by Nature goodbye without a seed source. The sad thing is I don’t believe anyone is even collecting local seed sources for that area. I’m not even sure the region’s trees are producing much of anything.

      • OK, Kevin, so what would your “solution” be if you controlled the one or two acres we see in the photo. Can’t believe we are even focusing on this, but….

        • Easy, there’s nothing you can do. It’ll simply go up in flames again, probably sooner than later given the times we live in and there won’t be any new seed to kick in the restart program.

        • Sooo, there’s that 200,000+ acres of the Rim Fire that is under the “Whatever Happens” mindset. We don’t really need more perpetual chaparral, where old growth once stood. We don’t really need over 200,000,000 dead trees in this State. We don’t want more fatalities in wildfires. ALL the big recent fires had massive brush problems and untreated fuel loading.


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