Happy Holidays Everyone!

A special shout-out of support and blessings to current Forest Service and other federal employees today.

Here’s a prayer borrowed from my spiritual community with a few additions:

With hearts broken open we pray

for compassion that opens our arms wide this day to embrace as our sister, our brother, each person with whom we share this lovely planet

for vision that clears our sight to recognize the Light and Goodness that flow in abundance this day in every situation, every place and within every being

for obedience
that opens our ears to the cries resounding throughout every quadrant of our earth this day, cries for life, for deep happiness, for a just peace, for care for the earth

for wisdom that discerns well and brings forth the thoughts, works and acts that may bring life this day.

With full hearts we accept the blessings of this day and wish one another peace.

Peace to all!

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