Cindy Chojnacky Publishes Novel: Return to the Wilds

Do you or a young teen in your circle need a hopeful reminder of why we go to wild places and fight over their care? Or a gentle warning about the dark side of the human project to civilize the whole world?

Our own Cindy C. Chojnacky (Forest Service retiree and contributor to The Smokey Wire) has just published a novel under the moniker “CindyC,” Return to the Wilds, on impact of wild places with a bit of satire on various forces that threaten them. Bright young students are charged to save the planet, commune with wildlings and ethereal beings and face down dark forces of opposition. The book is pitched as a youth novel but Cindy says friends in her age group—especially those who have worked for government—have enjoyed it too, especially satirical aspects.

If fiction and fantasy are not your forte, you may still think (as I do) that Cindy has done an amazing and difficult thing.  Congratulations, CindyC!

Her description:
Two youths from a sprawling Southwestern metropolis, Babel II, are called to lead a daring conspiracy to rescue the Wilds—parks, reserves, wilderness areas worldwide that are the only undeveloped islands in an increasingly urbanized world. Guided by a mysterious Keeper and helped by Wildlings, the pair and friends use wit and geek skills to outwit Minions of the ominous Dominion, and make a powerful pitch for a change in
the story of human progress.

And here are sample reviews:

.“This strange and wonderful novel seems to follow imaginary threads from where we are today to reach the place created in the book. For me, it evokes bits of the worlds of Narnia and the Hunger Games, with a little Jetsons imagery thrown in….”— children and youth librarian, Sun Valley, Idaho.

“Part Madeline L’Engle, part C.S. Lewis, all adventure and spiritual awakening, Return to the Wilds offers a rip-roaring dystopian-toppling spiritual adventure. A must read for tweens and anyone needing a spiritual uplift in bleak times…”—H.G. McKinnis, author of A Justified Bitch mystery novel.

Return to the Wilds made its e-book debut January 1, 2019 and will emerge as a paperback April 23, 2019—the day after Earth Day. It’s available now at these online retailers:

Barnes & Noble



Chapters Indigo

Indie Bound

Again, congratulations, Cindy!

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