Intelligent media coverage on wildfires, climate change and fire and climate adaptation

In my opinion, this is some really intelligent media coverage on the topic of wildfires, climate change and climate and fire adaptation.

Listen here as Eric Whitney, news director of Montana Public Radio, interviews journalist Andrew Revkin. Below is the teaser from Montana Public Radio’s website.

There’s been a change in the response to global climate change. Journalist Andrew Revkin, who’s been writing about the issue since the 1980s for outlets including the New York Times highlights the new response in a recent story for National Geographic.

I had a chance to talk with him about his story, in which he mentions a program supported by Bozeman-based Headwaters Economics, in partnership with the US Forest Service. It’s called “Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire.”

Andrew Revkin is the Strategic Adviser for Environmental and Science Journalism at the National Geographic Society and has written on global warming for 30 years. He is the author of three books about climate, most recently Weather: An Illustrated History, from Cloud Atlases to Climate Change. He covered the environment for years at the New York Times.

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