Forest Planning update – Custer Gallatin releases draft

There might be a few folks who signed onto this list because they wanted to follow the “new century of forest planning.”  Forest plan revisions are finally/still happening.  The Custer Gallatin became I believe the 7th forest plan to reach the draft stage under the 2012 Planning Rule.  (It’s got some wilderness issues!)  The Forest Service revision schedule hasn’t been updated since last June, but here it is. The Chugach National Forest was the 6th draft.  There are a number of draft plans that were expected to be out about now, but I haven’t seen anything.  Two revised plans are complete.  There’s been a noticeable slowdown in forest planning recently: there was only 1 new start in 2018, and 2 in 2017.

2 thoughts on “Forest Planning update – Custer Gallatin releases draft”

  1. Jon, don’t the forests working on plans need to get done to free up money for new starts? Would that explain the slowdown in new starts? You can quote me – “it’s easier to start a plan revision than to finish.”

  2. I always understood that to be a part of the equation, but I think there are also ups and downs in how important it is to fund planning.


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