Forest Service monetizes endangered species

This just seemed noteworthy.  Maybe it could be replicated for other species …

Kirtland’s warbler tours will be offered daily from May 15 through May 31, 7 days a week at the Mio Ranger District of the Huron National Forest. The Kirtland’s warbler tour costs $10 per adult and is free for children. Funds from the tours help cover costs associated with the tours.

4 thoughts on “Forest Service monetizes endangered species”

  1. I’m concerned that tours like these may disturb some species and interrupt successful reproduction practices.

    • FS biologists can quickly inform whether or not proposed activities like this will disturb species and no district that I know of would do so over ologist objections.

  2. Melody, I think that’s an interesting observation. I’ve been on carnivore sightseeing/educational tours of carnivores in Yellowstone, I also see that there are sage grouse lek tours. It seems to be a fairly common thing in the West.

  3. This question would be addressed by a NEPA process …. I wonder …. No sign of any NEPA in their archives, though there was one for a research study. (Is there a CE for wildlife tours?)


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