Fall Blogging Break

Smoke from the Decker WFU from Colorado Highway 50 east of Salida on 9/14.. still WFU ing as of Sept. 22.

It’s fall again in the Rocky Mountain National Forests. Just today I’ve seen (many) hunter camps of multiple RV’s, wall tents, and 4-wheelers. I’ve seen people on horseback rounding up cattle to take them to their winter pasture, and watched a log processor delimbing and stacking logs from a roadside hazard tree project.

People are bringing home elk, deer, firewood, and experiences of hiking, biking, fishing, hunting horseback riding and ATV-ing, as well as driving and leaf-peeping. Plus there’s some prescribed burning going on and wildland fire use, as in the photo above. It seems like it shouldn’t all work, but somehow it (mostly) does.

I’m here experiencing all this, and will be back to The Smokey Wire Sept. 30.

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  1. I may cut a load of firewood this week, even though I have enough for the winter (mostly from USFS, with permits, or course). Just because I enjoy cutting firewood — it’s recreation.

    FWIW, this year I cut mostly wood from trees cut along a USFS road — hazard trees. Dead and dying lodgepole and spruce.


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