The Daniel Boone National Forest Response on Greenwood Vegetation Project

From the Daniel Boone stream buffer report.


I really appreciate the Daniel Boone National Forest for presenting “their side of the story” on the project discussed previously here.


The Daniel Boone National Forest wanted to follow up to your story on the Greenwood project published May 18, 2020.

We appreciate Kentucky Heartwood for their interest in forest management on the Daniel Boone National Forest (DBNF) and welcomed the opportunity to review their April 27, 2020 report outlining logging concerns within the Greenwood Vegetation Management Project. After reviewing their report, the DBNF resurveyed areas and created two reports on their findings. The reports can be found on the Greenwood Project webpage under the “Post-Decision” tab:

Kentucky Heartwood’s report highlighted two main concerns: 1. Streams were classified as ephemeral, but should be classified as intermittent, changing timber harvest areas; and 2. Too many trees per acre have been, or will be, harvested.

In response to item one, the DBNF forest hydrologist and district biologist reviewed the stands in question. Stream segment in stand 5062-40 appears to have some intermittent channel characteristics for about 250’ and would be better classified as intermittent rather than ephemeral for that section. Because of this change, the DBNF will remark the area so no trees within 50 feet on either side of this additional intermittent section will be harvested. Stream segments questioned in stand 5072-09 were accurately identified and properly marked. No change to the current prescribed treatment is necessary for this stand.

In response to item two, DBNF certified silviculturists and timber cruisers conducted a statistically valid random plot survey of the after-harvest basal area (BA) and found the surveyed units are within the parameters prescribed by the Greenwood project decision for retention of residual trees.  We have determined the timber identified for removal is consistent with the analysis conducted and the decision issued for this project.

Sharon’s note: on the project webpage you can also find the entire history, including details of the one objection by Heartwood and the response.

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  1. If we accept this as true, then there was apparently some misunderstanding of the intended result, and maybe they need to explain the “analysis conducted and the decision issued” better so that the public can react before the decision is made.


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