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  1. ENJOY! I saw this crazy comment on a Facebook forestry group:

    In 1970s the old hippie’s growing weed in CA started pulling togather forming the Serria Club to hide themselves in and in steps closed 95% of CA USFS timberlands and state timberlands rds down and had them replanted with trees. That Rd less rule gave far greater chances of them popping off multi-million dollar crops and planted 20–50 miles off into the forests. Then can a Act of Congressanal Law ( with great input from the Tribes ) closing all rds built after 1976 to expand the Rd less rule to other states for the grizzly bears and wolves threw out the West. All that time the brush grew and trees became double and triple thick and standing dead insect infestation evergreens trees spread and burnt Timberlands ( both ) were tied up in courts as NO LOGGING. Legally their attorney’s ( by the FLEETS ) were pd for by the US Treasury set up threw Congress plus forming lawsuits against the USFS forest service lands of frivolouse lawsuits.
    A Healthy properly managed forests mismanagement the green evergreen trees limbs protect the snow pack melt off from the Suns Ray’s create a slow snow pack melt off. But ( and proved threw 15 yrs study at Portland college ) a standing dead insect infestation evergreens trees and burnt Timberlands both create a rapid snow pack melt off causing catistropic floods and mudslides creating a solid plasser like Mudflows debris burying all fish species ALIVE. We spent $30 billion dollars in 20 yrs on salmon, steelhead and trout recovery programs and every yr the fish runs decrease in numbers on returning. Plus snow avalanches do the same thing as trees rip out of the ground and rocks and dirt slamming into rivers and crks waiting for spring melt off then creating solid plasser like Mudflows debris burying all fish species Alive threw out the West and they point the fingers at the cause of fish death at the ( Gold Dredgers ),, it’s not the Gold Dredgers. As soon as EVERY wildfire gets put out the USGS geologists reports show up to each individual fire and tests the temperature of the fires styrilized soils by digging down to see if the fires killed all vegetation roots and all reports are handed in on each seperate fire. On all reports I read it stated there was going to be hillside’s and mountain sides mudslides from styrilization depths of fires heat.
    There’s currently 10 million acre’s of standing dead insect infestation evergreens trees and 40 million acre’s of burnt Timberlands in ( just the USFS forest service lands ALONE )..
    Over the last couple decades the Underground water aquafer in New Mexico has dropped 90 ft ( that water aquafer comes from NM forests and the lower SE corner of Colorado ). The lowering of a underground water aquafer creates extreme Minerals contents in drinking water supplies causing CANCER’S. About 50 days ago posted online from KFOR–TV Oklahoma they suggested that the people send week water samples in around mid – later summer ( CANCER’S ). That was also suggested up in other states in the Midwest grain belt ( CANCER’S ). 2/3s of the Rocky mountain range feeds the Missouri River. All water resevors in all states ( except Western Washington ) are showing photos of half empty reserve’s and all states threw out the West are reporting drought conditions ( one area in CA just went in 10% water use restrictions ) CANCER’S. It the environmental groups and Green Party giving You, > Your Children < and animals a big and growing percentage of CANCER'S. Gotta get these forests that's standing dead insect infestation evergreens trees and burnt Timberlands salvage log and replanted. That in itself is a lack of harvestable timber for clean lumber and creates a lumber shortage in itself. And look at all the people in hospitals in cancer treatment including children's hospitals nationwide including St Jude's and the ( Make A Wish Foundation ). That early spring rapid snow pack melt off causing catistropic floods damages for multibillion dollars in damages to USFS rds, state rds, county rds, culverts, bridges, hwys, farmlands, houses, livestock and people's death's plus areas of elevated threw surging Minerals contents in drinking water supplies form low underground water aquafer across the western half of the US. Last yr when all those fires were burning at once in Oregon I seen comments on Oregon and Washington State news sites of reports that the drivers driving up the I--5 corridor reported smelling Pot Smoke in the air on most of their drive up I--5 corridor. That timberlands was all tied up as NO LOGGING


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