Upcoming public lands regulatory actions

On December 10, 2021, the Biden Administration released the Fall 2021 Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions, which is a semi-annual compilation of information concerning regulations and policy under development by federal agencies.  I’ve pulled out the Forest Service and BLM entries below.

This link was provided in this blog post focused primarily on the Endangered Species Act and “the regulated community” (and on undoing Trump administration regulatory changes).  The one individual species proposal that may affect (eastern) national forests concerns the northern long-eared bat, and possible critical habitat designation (it is currently listed as threatened).  It also notes proposed rules by the Council on Environmental Quality revising National Environmental Policy Act implementing regulations (targeting climate change).

USDA/FS Proposed Rule Stage Special Uses–Cost Recovery 0596-AD35
USDA/FS Proposed Rule Stage Communications Uses–Programmatic Administrative Fee 0596-AD44
USDA/FS Proposed Rule Stage Law Enforcement; Orders; Enforcement of Public Health and Safety Measures 0596-AD50
USDA/FS Proposed Rule Stage Alaska Roadless Rule Revision 0596-AD51
USDA/FS Proposed Rule Stage Chattooga Wild and Scenic River 0596-AD52
USDA/FS Proposed Rule Stage Weeks Act Reviews 0596-AD53
USDA/FS Final Rule Stage Range Management–Excess Use/Unauthorized Use 0596-AD45
DOI/BLM Proposed Rule Stage Rights-of-Way for Communications Including Broadband 1004-AE60
DOI/BLM Proposed Rule Stage Bonding 1004-AE68
DOI/BLM Proposed Rule Stage Rights-of-Way, Leasing and Operations for Renewable Energy and Transmission Lines 1004-AE78
DOI/BLM Proposed Rule Stage Waste Prevention, Production Subject to Royalties, and Resource Conservation 1004-AE79
DOI/BLM Proposed Rule Stage Revision of Existing Regulations Pertaining to Fossil Fuel Leases and Leasing Process 43 CFR Parts 3100 and 3400 1004-AE80
DOI/BLM Proposed Rule Stage Part 4100-Grazing Administration-Exclusive of Alaska 1004-AE82
DOI/BLM Proposed Rule Stage Regulations for the Protection, Management, and Control of Wild Horses and Burros 1004-AE83
DOI/BLM Proposed Rule Stage Regulations Pertaining to Leasing and Operations for Geothermal 1004-AE84
DOI/BLM Final Rule Stage Minerals Management: Adjustment of Cost Recovery Fees 1004-AE81
DOI/BLM Final Rule Stage Onshore Oil and Gas Operations-Annual Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustments 1004-AE85

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