Connection between January 6 U.S. Capitol Insurrection and western livestock industry extremists

From PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility):

Our friends at Western Watersheds Project make an important observation about the connection between the January 6th insurrectionists and the small but vocal and violent groups associated with western livestock industry extremists. These extreme groups continue to mobilize against public lands and conservation efforts. Fortunately, the vast majority of Americans, including those out west, support public lands and the agencies that manage our public lands.

15 thoughts on “Connection between January 6 U.S. Capitol Insurrection and western livestock industry extremists”

  1. You can also link former President Obama to radical Islam by his name. Or the Weathermen radical criminals like Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn stayed overnight at the Obama Whitehouse.
    Now the get of the Boudin murder husband and wife was raised to be the soon to be former S.F. DA whose asymmetrical hatred for political order actually did “release the whirlwind” and citizens have lost any sense of city or county provision of public safety unless you get busted driving drunk and your wife is the Democrat Soeaker if the House.
    My assignation of Blane and connection are as outrageous as the broadbrush painting of ranchers with grazing leases they try to protect and keep. The recent record of withheld exculpatory evidence by BLM law enforcement and Nevada’s US Attorney resulted in the most angry judicial rebuke I have read about in the last decade. Of course, living in Oregon where forced attempts to overrun and capture the Mark Hatfield US Courthouse in Portland for months and Democrats 3000 miles away in DC calling it “ peaceful protest” can’t differentiate cartel weed growers from loggers, but when the cartel’s harmless weed goes to market, 42% of Barred Owls killed to allow reoccupation by Northern Spotted Owls had anticoagulant residue in their carcasses, nobody has uttered a word about that from the Center for Constant Litigation.
    Gee. We’re the smaller NSO dead from the tens of thousands of clandestine dope grower plant protection efforts? Ask the USFS, USFWS, BLM, local county sheriff deputies, who find the illegal to sell or use in USA empty and partially empty containers archery hunters report every fall.. Evidently illegal dope grows are not an issue but legal ranchers are.

  2. Texas group calling itself American Stewards of Liberty with ties to the so-called Sagebrush Rebellion has presented anti-Earth resolutions to a receptive Otero County Commission. Southeastern New Mexico is home to many descendants of the Confederacy. Here in New Mexico, Otero County Commissioner and Trump disciple and insurrectionist Couy Griffin is alleging voter fraud and defying the Lincoln National Forest’s plan revision.

    If grazing cattle is the key to preventing wildfires why is ranch country still suffering from near daily high even extreme grassland fire danger indices?

    Recall Herr Trump’s first Interior secretary blamed wildfires in the West on those he called “radical environmentalists” despite most acres burned in 2021 on private ranch land in Republican counties. On the final day of Trump’s presidency his last Interior secretary even restored a grazing permit to the Hammond Ranch whose prescriptive burn escaped onto federal land.

  3. It’s important not to confuse two distinct issues.

    1. The opening statements by Reps. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and Elizabeth Cheney (R-Wyo.) at last Thursday’s prime-time House January 6 committee hearing were very persuasive. If accurate, and I suspect they’ll end up being backed by strong evidence, then-President Trump tried to stay in office illegitimately, in a failed coup d’état.

    2. So why some group would link former Vice President Pence with Trump, when the hearing revealed Pence as having heroically defended the Constitution against Trump on January 6, 2021, is baffling.

    Actually, I take it back: it’s not that baffling. It’s just more evidence that dogmatic ideology poisons people’s ability to reason. One wonders if a chart could be created linking certain Wildernut organizations to Ted Kaczynski (a/k/a The Unabomber), even though it would be unfair to those organizations, which I imagine would disavow Kaczynski’s methods.

    In fact a wildernut once told me she hoped I would be shot if I rode a mountain bike into a Wilderness area. I should have reported her to the sheriff. There is fanaticism out there, and it’s not all on the shoulders of Cliven Bundy.

  4. Lol. In this week’s edition of “Everything I don’t like can somehow be linked to January 6.” Give it a rest Matthew. People have bigger things to worry about these days than year and a half old news about a stupid riot that had exactly zero chance of ever overthrowing anything.

  5. The Gila National Forest near the New Mexico-Arizona border has had a problem with feral cattle for years after a grazing permittee went bankrupt then left his herd and the country in the 1970s.

    Agents from the US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service or APHIS plans to reduce the population of some 250 invasive critters by shooting them from helicopters and so far 67 have been eliminated. But, Republican welfare ranchers who pay pennies a head per day to graze are concerned permitted cattle will be targeted.

    Early in 2020 the Center for Biological Diversity sued the Trump Organization’s Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service and its local representatives saying the agencies are allowing cattle in restricted areas along the Gila River and its tributaries in southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona. Investigators from the Center discovered cattle on the Gila National Forest in excluded riparian zones in violation of a 1998 legal settlement. Because of pollution from cattle grazing American Rivers named the Gila the nation’s most endangered river in 2019.

    In 2020 Senate Bill 3670, the MH Dutch Salmon Greater Gila Wild and Scenic River Act was introduced by former Senator Tom Udall (D-NM). It would protect 450 miles and 23 segments of the Gila River and its tributaries in New Mexico under the 1968 National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. If passed the bill would also transfer 440 acres from the Gila National Forest within the US Department of Agriculture to the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument within the US Park Service and the Department of Interior. The bill was reintroduced by Democratic New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich in 2021.

    Using links to the federal storming of Ruby Ridge in Idaho and the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas culminating in the Oklahoma City bombing the extreme white wing of the Republican Party worships manuscripts like the Turner Diaries as prayers.

    Recall that during the second Obama term a group of armed thugs, including a retired Air Force master sergeant from South Dakota allied with mormon Cliven Bundy, occupied and ransacked not a courthouse but a national wildlife refuge in none other than Harney County, Oregon. The Ridiculous Right brands Black Lives Matter and Native American protesters unemployed slackers but a horde of Huns that takes over a federal facility to wait out the End Days and terrorizes Congress are called patriots.

  6. Thanks for posting this Mathew… You’re holding up a mirror to the faces of many of the regular commenters on here. Though us enviros know their true nature, they still can’t see it.

    I was certain the usual commenters would show up with their tired-old ineffective whataboutism and other forms of diversionary toxic hate rhetoric and they didn’t disappoint.

    Never learning new things about environmental science is a virtue to them because logging, mining & grazing always loses when it comes to the advancement of ecological knowledge. They continue to argue that 1/2 century old industrial science is always right and any type of whole system level ecological understanding, especially newer ones are always wrong.

    Reminds me of when Elvis shocked the nation by thrusting his hips on stage and they quickly propped up Pat Boone as a far more “appropriate” musician mostly because he didn’t move like that. Or as the John Trudell lyrics go in his song Baby Boom Che:

    “I mean Elvis made us move
    Instead of standing mute he raised our voice
    And when we heard ourselves something
    Was changing you know like for the first time
    We made a collective decision about choices

    America hurriedly made Pat Boone
    A general in the army they wanted us to join
    But most of us held fast to Elvis
    And the commandants around him
    Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Little Richard
    Bo Diddley, Gene Vincent, you know
    Like a different civil war all over again

    I mean you take don’t be cruel
    I want you I need you I love you
    And jailhouse rock
    Or you take Pat and his white bucks
    Singing love letters in the sand
    Hell man what’s real here
    I mean Pat at the beach in his white bucks
    His ears getting sunburned told us
    Something about old wave delusion
    I mean wanting and needing and imprisonment
    We all been to those places but what did
    White bucks at the beach understand
    Other than more straight line dancing
    You know what I mean?”

    Same thing with how these insurrectionists of humans see the US bill of rights, the constitution and Democracy in general. That too becomes their enemy if they don’t get everything they want for themselves at the expense of everyone else.

    Infantile fascists who think overthrowing our government & ending democracy is acceptable are cut of the same cloth as the people on here who think our only problem with the environment is liberals aren’t letting us destroy it fast enough.

    • I’m afraid that despite all of your words, I am more confused about certain people’s “true nature” than ever. You may wish to try again.

  7. Wow.
    Sharon alerted me to this posting. Seriously, Matt? PEER missed a bunch of connections and got a lot of others wrong, typical of the shoddy work they do.
    Used to be it was the black helicopterists who were slagged for seeing conspiracies where none existed, so what the heck is THIS thing? I’ll say it doesn’t show a conspiracy at all. It shows building and coalescing opposition to failed progressivism, some clearly radical, but a lot of it solidly founded on legitimate issues. While still small, certain interests do see this “conspiracy” as a threat, which wouldn’t exist if the issues being advanced lacked grounding in reality.

    • I strongly agree with the position that all of the deadly weapons being brandished by the January 6 Insurrectionists should be permanently banned by the federal government from private ownership. Thank God for supply chain problems, or the weaponry that was being used would likely have been even more deadly and difficult to contain. Also, I think the 2020 rioters should have to pay for inadvertent damages that resulted from their peaceful protests. That would show some adult responsibility and be a good lesson for their followers.


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