H.R 5631 -Tim Hart Act as Stand-Alone Bill

No Grass Creek Fire East of Deer Lodge Montana, from Hotshot Wakeup Twitter feed.

The Hotshot Wakeup person I think has a good point suggesting that people contact their Representatives to urge them to support the Tim Hart Wildland Firefighter Classification and Pay Parity Act (HR 5631) as a stand-alone bill, and get it out from under being used as a political football. Here’s the link.  At least it sounds plausible to me. Other views welcome.

It looks like Liz Cheney is the only cosponsor on the R side, don’t know why that is.  Maybe someone can explain.  Maybe you, if you call your R Representative’s Office and ask them. , especially if you live in fire country.   Maybe there’s already an article about this somewhere? But please refrain from any pre-midterm-related anti-R vitriol in the comments.

PS..if you’re interested, check out the amazing fire photos and videos on The Hotshot Wakeup twitter feed.  Fire folks send them in from all over. Example on of Bolt Creek Fire in Washington.

7 thoughts on “H.R 5631 -Tim Hart Act as Stand-Alone Bill”

  1. *cues up the Benny Hill music*

    Just as predicted, the Forest Service isn’t reaching many goals. If the D-side wants it, the R-side needs other concessions in order to vote for it. The R-side merely wants the Forest Service to fail, supporting their dreams of returning National Forests back to the States.

  2. Larry, I don’t think that’s really what most R’s want. Our former Senator here, Cory Gardner was one of the forces behind the GAOA which gives tons of bucks to the FS.
    And I don’t think our local R Congressperson cares much about that.

    Some in each party make theatrical gestures about things that will never happen.

    • If the R leadership demands it, the flock follows. The leadership knows that western red States want this. Partisan political policy says that reds must always haggle over such issues, especially in the Senate. The blues have to figure out something else to offer, in compromise.

  3. Bill will indirectly increase federal dollars in D states like California and Oregon. Repubs will never support this close to an election.

    • Brad, seems like the $ would go with the federal firefighters..do we know what states they live in?? They might also live in red parts of blue states, don’t know if that would matter either.


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