National Forest Foundation/FS Wildfire Crisis Strategy Roundtables Synthesis Report

Example page from Executive Summary.

Here’s a link to the Synthesis Report; here’s one to the webpage, and here’s one to register for a webinar on November 15.  The Executive Summary is only 12 pages and there’s lots for discussion.. please dig in.



6 thoughts on “National Forest Foundation/FS Wildfire Crisis Strategy Roundtables Synthesis Report”

  1. I’m glad the report mentions hiring systems — “antiquated, cumbersome, and costly.” Maybe the agency could partner with Indeed or some other company that specializes in employment services.

    • One wonders if it’s this difficult for other Federal agencies. Seems like an important topic.. is there any research out there on this?

      • ​Here’s an op-ed from 2019 in Federal News Network, “Is it time to kill USAJobs?”


        “Blaming USAJobs is another example of trying to find a silver bullet to kill everything that is wrong with the federal hiring process. Could it be better? Absolutely. Would making USAJobs better solve the problems? No, not even close. We need hiring reform and a radically simplified hiring process. Agencies need to invest in their HR Specialists and ensure they are properly trained. Agencies need to do professional recruiting rather than post and pray. Hiring managers need to invest far more of their time in the process. And agencies need to tailor recruiting to their talent requirements and spend some dollars on it, rather than relying on undertrained HR specialists with no budget and very little support to get the people they need.”

  2. Soooo, no one told Congress about these many mission-critical personnel problems….

    (Again, should we basically write off the first year of full funding for the Forest Service? What can the USFS tell Congress regarding this year’s ‘achievements’?)

    • Larry, will be interesting to what that entails; most likely, “we blame climate change”….. We’ll put together a focus group, arrange some field trips, ask for more funding and assign a new WO program manger…..

      • They sure have the money for it, now!

        I’m sure there will be a parade of excuses, with some of them valid. It may be possible to dazzle Congress with some large nationwide numbers that, on the surface, seem pretty big. The reality might be that only a dozen or three of projects were actually completed in the fiscal year.

        What else might be interesting to see is how many permanent positions, by Series, remain unfilled.


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