TSW Website Design Feedback Requested

As you may have noticed, originally I was looking at getting donations of $3K to improve the design of The Smokey Wire.  Well, that’s been going on for some years, and meanwhile upkeep has eaten into some of the funds collected. However, having reached that goal, there is still some funding left for making design changes or fixes.

So.. what changes would you like to see?  Please mention device, browser or if you are reading within the WordPress app when you run into problems or suboptimalities.  I can figure out how many we agree on, and how many we could fund.  Do you use the search function? How is that working?

2 thoughts on “TSW Website Design Feedback Requested”

  1. The main design issue I’ve noticed is that comments nest infinity, which means that long comment threads keep getting skinnier and skinnier until they are unreadable at least on mobile. Nested comments need to be limited to just a couple levels.

    • Patrick, I made the levels more because they cut off the middle of the discussion. However I really wanted to say something about how wonderful the professional wildlife bio is who worked on the LCAS but I had run out of any ability to respond. Perhaps the solution is to have fewer levels, but just start another response and somehow allude to the topic person you’re replying to.
      Anyway, I’ll change that right away, I think there are 10 levels now and I can go back to 5 and we’ll see what people think.


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