Andrus Center “Re-Creating Public Land Recreation” Conference April 18- in Person and Virtual- TSW Reporting Opportunity

This sounds really interesting but I have a conflict. Please contact me if you would like to attend and report on it for TSW, TSW will pay registration. Even if you go in person :).
Here’s the link to register.

On Tuesday, April 18th, the Andrus Center will host an in person environmental conference focused on recreation and public lands with an eye towards resolving tensions and furthering best practices. Public lands act as anchoring institutions for surrounding communities. This conference, Re-creating Public Land Recreation, will celebrate the popularity of outdoor recreation on public lands and convene a dialogue over how to improve policies and funding, and collaborating across shared recreation spaces.

The conference is scheduled as a 7:30 am to 5 pm in person event and will be followed by a white paper. Due to the capacity of the venue, a virtual attendance option will be available.

Conference speakers will represent Federal and Tribal land managers, State and Local governments, and NGO and business leaders with expertise in recreation. Panel discussions will center on three themes:

Collaboration, especially working across jurisdictional proximities;
Funding, especially to overcome infrastructure and operational shortfalls;
Policy, especially shortfalls of current laws and policies.

Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Tracy-Stone Manning will deliver the lunch keynote address and will discuss ideas about what we can do together–with industry, partners, and land management agencies–to meet the challenges ahead. Former Montana Governor and Chair of the Foundation for America’s Public Lands (the charitable partner of the Bureau of Land Management, the new BLM foundation), Steve Bullock will address the emerging role of foundations and philanthropy to fill gaps and catalyze action. The remaining speaker lineup will be posted soon!

Registration for the full-day in person event is $85 and discounted student tickets are available thanks to the generosity of sponsors. There will also be registration for online viewing of the event for $20.

If you’re interested in representing us and reporting, please contact me.

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