Corporate Sponsorships for Ski Areas

U.S. Forest Service Lifts Advertising Ban; Vail, Jackson Hole, Mammoth, & More Announce Corporate Sponsorships

Partnerships range from chairlift and trail name sponsors to ski area name changes

Vail Mountain wants to Live Más
Vail Mountain, the largest ski area in Colorado and one of the most-visited in America, signed a 10-year, $100 million agreement with Taco Bell that will touch nearly every part of the resort.

What’s next? The Microsoft Old Faithful Inn?

7 thoughts on “Corporate Sponsorships for Ski Areas”

  1. it strikes me as yet another development in the goal of privatizing the national forests. Will there never be enough advertising in this world?

  2. Uyes Wilent is right , old fathfull- Yellowstone can become a bill gates dictatorship..every resort will become dictatorships of the wealthiest…aalready one needs a bank loan to go skiing for a day…people created a government and now are afraid to reign it back under the control of the many and not the few.


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