The Smokey Wire: Mission and Etiquette

Just a friendly reminder of TSW’s mission:

Our goal is to solicit broad participation from a cross-section of interests in a respectful atmosphere of mutual learning on topics related to the Forest Service and public lands policy.  We believe that ideas will be stronger and choices clearer if developed through such a multidisciplinary, multi-perspective dialogue.
A wide variety of opinions on the Forest Service and public lands policy are welcome. Constructive criticism of those opinions also is welcome, as long as they do not denigrate, insult, or otherwise make personal attacks on the folks who offer such criticisms. In other words, criticize the ideas, no the person.
Here’s a good definition: “Constructive criticism is a feedback method that offers specific, actionable recommendations for change and improvement. Good constructive feedback facilitates positive outcomes and creates a positive working environment.” From “How to give and take constructive criticism,” by Maureen Obatomi.

4 thoughts on “The Smokey Wire: Mission and Etiquette”

  1. I actually thought this might be about med at me….. However, seeing what’s evolved lately, I have “Angel wings”….🤣🤣

    • Sure, the assumptions made in the commentary hinge on the Black Hills being “unique” in their many challenges. Not so; the challenges were made from subjective assumptions by a timber industry that is cutting more than ASQ, political micromanagement “on steroids” and a Regional Office scared to death of both of the above!

      The Forest is not much different than the Southwest in character, doesn’t have near the inholdings of Southern forests and timber interests similar to the Northwest in the early 1980’s. Had retirement not been shining in my headlights, I certainly would have jumped at the chance to stay. But alas, life was contributing greater opportunities for stones unturned!

      The Hills have a great group of dedicated employees who are engaged in real (REAL) Forest management, along with the other magnificent resources. The State realizes what recreation means to their economy, partners are actively engaged, and it’s just “drop-dead” gorgeous country!

      Now picture this with a Southern drawl, a “Bless your heart” attitude, and you have my response….🤠🤠


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