Comment Period Extended For MOG ANPR (July 20)- Opportunity to Post Your Comments Here

The comment period for what I call the Mature and Old Growth Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (the MOG ANPR) has been extended to July 20th. A nice gentleman at the Forest Service told me that it’s really called the ANPR on “climate-informed forestry” which would be different from the actual title at the Federal Register (Forest Service Functions). Anyway, it could be confusing if you just look at the main page which shows the old date and the number of days is wrong (see second screenshot above). This seems needlessly confusing IMHO.

If you’re interested in finding out about extensions, you can always subscribe for updates. Here’s where the the extension is posted.

As a non-paid person who often is asked to write or help with letters, I like to browse other people’s comments and see if they have interesting ideas. It would be handy if there were a search box that would not bring up form letters, or perhaps if you could set it to only include letters from organizations. Maybe more experienced people know if there’s a search possibility to do that?

Anyway, if you or your organization has submitted comments on either rule you would like to share, please link below.


7 thoughts on “Comment Period Extended For MOG ANPR (July 20)- Opportunity to Post Your Comments Here”

  1. Is there a link to the comments forum? I have had success searching other comment areas and excluding form comments but cannot recall exactly how – perhaps looking at these comments (which will be interesting anyway) might spur my memory.

  2. Not the best solution but best I can come up with…. I extracted all the comments (to date) via the ‘Bulk Data Download’ option (you get a csv file) and put it into a Google Sheets doc. From there hide all the columns other than Comment and Download Link (for attachments). Then sort the column with comments and all the same (bulk or form submissions) will sort together and you can skip over them. It’s a hack.

  3. BLM Conservation Rule Comment Period: BLM announced Thursday June 15, 2023 it is extending the 75-day public comment period, set to run through June 20, by 15 days, or until July 5.


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