The Smokey Wire Request Line: Best Community Planning for Wildfires

I don’t know if this one is particularly good but I needed a photo.

A friend has asked for examples of communities that have done exceptional work in becoming wildfire adapted and resilient.  This would include all aspects of resilience, ignition reduction, structure and infrastructures design and hardening, fuel treatments/ mitigation, evacuation, and probably many things not on this list.  Please comment below and provide links if possible.

2 thoughts on “The Smokey Wire Request Line: Best Community Planning for Wildfires”

  1. The NFPA’s Sites of Excellence Report from 2022 may of interest. The report is linked on this page:

    “In 2019, NFPA started a new journey with seven active Firewise USA® sites spread across the country, challenging them to improve their resilience to wildfire. The two-year pilot program, Sites of Excellence, was designed to increase participation in active wildfire risk reduction through a focused approach. The goals:

    o To have 100% participation of homes within the designated pilot boundary (sites were able to self-identify up to 100 co-located homes in each pilot site).

    o To complete identified mitigation tasks within 30 feet of every home, based on recommendations from individual assessments.”


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