Donate Now: National Museum of Forest Service History Has Opportunity for Up to $500K Match


I don’t usually make donation requests for anything besides TSW, but this is an amazing opportunity for the Museum.  A group of  dedicated folks, current employees, retirees and a wide array of partners, have been working on the Museum since at least the 90’s and groundbreaking in Missoula is THIS spring (!).

The National Museum of Forest Service History is close to finalizing our Capital Campaign to build the National Conservation Legacy Center in Missoula, Montana. Once it is built, the Center will be a one-of-a-kind, world class destination. It will showcase America’s conservation history – the U.S. Forest Service, its people, partners, and legacy.

If you’ve ever thought about donating, now would be the time, because donations will be matched (individual or corporate!).  Please forward this post to anyone who might be interested..

Donor has offered us up to $500,000. IF WE CAN MATCH IT!

Our highest priority continues to be completing the Capital Campaign for the National Conservation Legacy Center (CLC), the flagship building on our Missoula campus. We will break ground this spring but still need to raise funds to ensure all costs are covered for both the building and exhibition.  Here’s the website.. the video of the Museum is above.

: At the end of December, one of our long-time donors, offered to help us finish the capital campaign. He and his wife will donate up to $500,000 by matching every new cash donation (both individual and corporate) we can raise by June 30,2024. In essence, any new capital campaign cash donation we receive by June 30,2024 will be doubled! Our very generous donor has provided us a tremendous opportunity to complete the capital campaign!


2 thoughts on “Donate Now: National Museum of Forest Service History Has Opportunity for Up to $500K Match”

  1. Should this museum not be either at the USFS Cradle of Forestry or the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina? Isn’t this where forestry started in the US? This makes no sense. Carl Schenk and George Vanderbilt are rolling over in their graves.

    • My understanding is that historically the Cradle of Forestry has to do with forestry as a practice/discipline and Forest Service history has to do with the agency of the federal government and its history.


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