Living with Fire- North of the Border

The North American perspective..

Check out this site that shows current fires in British Columbia from an earth view. Also you can read some of the comments on the articles. What is the same as down here? What is different?

Plus they have posted other wildfire info, including a photo gallery, on the BC websites.

I wonder if we had one earth view site that showed all forest fires in North America each day, would that change our perspective on the issue and what to do about it?

1 thought on “Living with Fire- North of the Border”

  1. Good thing our forest leadership believes that dead trees don’t burn!! Yep, a study says so, and “science” never lies! Canada must have angered Gaia, and now she’s taking her revenge. If fires are “natural and beneficial”, then Canada and Russia must be doing something right, eh?!?!?

    Seriously though, there are often such fine lines between an out-of-control firestorm and a “fire used for resource benefit”. Forest Service firefighters have developed a pronounced arrogance, thinking they can control and direct wildfires in fuels-choked forests. I tend to think that same arrogance contributed to the Station Fire debacle. Ditto for last year’s multiple flubs in Yosemite, too. Those mistakes still have costs, yet to be paid.


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