Writers Wanted!

Feeling some paid and volunteer work pressure reminds me that it has been a while since Martin and I specifically invited posts from readers. As in a real-world discussion, this is a specific invitation that a facilitator will often extend to those quiet individuals from whom we don’t usually hear. Martin and I would like to invite those of you who have never posted to consider writing a blog post. All we require is that you are available for online discussion when your post is posted; that you are amenable to possible editing, that you are gentle with people of opposing views, that your post is not an advertisement for a product or service, and that you share a little bit about yourself in terms of biography (a couple of sentences) or link to a biography online.
What we will commit to do is to edit, do formatting (links, etc.) if you are not comfortable with html, and moderate the comments so that it is a safe place for you to express your ideas.

You can get an idea of the topics of interest to our readers by reviewing a couple of weeks of posts and comments, or looking at the categories on the right. Just pointing to books or papers you think are valuable or interesting (and why you think so) is also something we’d appreciate. Book reviews are of interest. Finally, any feedback on the blog, including suggestions for improvement, are always appreciated. Please email to me ([email protected]) and/or Martin ([email protected]).

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