Missoulian Story on Planning Rule Public Meeting

Somehow I missed this one earlier.

Here’s the introduction:

It’s a little like changing the shape of the strike zone in baseball, or the allowable deductions on your income tax form. A proposed planning rule for all U.S. Forest Service activity is both deeply wonky and game-changing.

The draft rule spreads fine print from page 8,480 to page 8,528 in the Federal Register. In there is something that may affect every trail walker, tree cutter, mushroom picker, snowmobile rider, hunter, angler, small-plane pilot, outfitter, gold miner, folf player and who-knows-what other national forest user.

About 80 such interested parties gathered on Tuesday in Missoula to hear Forest Service planning specialist Regis Terney answer questions about the draft rule. For all its complexity, the rule is the simplest part of a process that guides the writing of huge plans for 125 national forests and grasslands across the nation. The Missoula audience was ready to scrutinize it down to individual word choices

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