3 thoughts on “Be Safe on Fourth of July!”

  1. This cartoon begs a caption that advises all that all fireworks are illegal at all times on all National Forest System lands.

    — Les Joslin

  2. We finally had a start of our fire season, here in the central Sierra Nevada. About a mile away was probably a man-caused ignition. The air attack plane flew around it for about an hour, and they brought in a water-dropping helicopter, apparently choosing to not use an air tanker. Very little smoke could be seen but, the sound of their chainsaws indicated that it was burning in manzanita. With a fire station about a mile away, and an air attack base about 15 miles away, the fire never had any chance. However, the Forest Service land right across the street remains highly flammable, with ample amounts of oily bear clover. Also adding to the fuel loading is an unusual amount of broken tree tops from several heavy winter storms. Just in the acre closest to me, I counted 8 broken-topped trees. Extend that, conservatively, throughout a wide elevational zone, and you have significant fuels additions and road impacts. (Hmmmm, interesting…. As I type this, I’m hearing an air tanker, maybe flying its way to Tahoe, where there was significant lightning yesterday)

    I spent the 4th at an A’s and Mariner’s game, with my Mom. She’s a big M’s fan and had never been to a game before.


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