Climate Change Strategy

Thanks to the Wildlife Society for providing the following. There are 16 Federal agencies on the steering committee and I assume that USDA is one of those.

Obama proposal battles climate change impact on wildlife

Western Farm Press
In partnership with state, tribal, and federal agency partners, the Obama administration released the first draft national strategy to help decision makers and resource managers prepare for and help reduce the impacts of climate change on species, ecosystems, and the people and economies that depend on them. MORE

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  1. Jim, yes, we have at least one person working on it (whose name escapes me, sorry for the memory malfunction), and we gave comments during the agency review period.

    It is pretty handy, IMHO, as otherwise every level of the agency and subdiscipline of every agency will develop its own adaptation strategy. What Dave Cleaves calls “strategy proliferation,” We need fewer strategies, and more doin’ something, in my opinion.


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