Blog Volunteer Needed!

Bob correctly pointed out that it’s a pain in the patootie to catch up on comments because the widget on the right hand side of the screen only holds 15 comments. I have exhausted my meager WordPress skills as it appears that that is an upper limit, based on what I can find out. There could be work-arounds but it would take some time and better skills than I have to suss them out.

Your reward would be deep appreciation from all of us and a six-pack (or equivalent in dollars) from me.

4 thoughts on “Blog Volunteer Needed!”

  1. No, I haven’t, because “plugins” make my neurons melt faster than reviewing the Planning Directives ;). But if you were willing to examine this further, I would give you administrative privileges and (more) brewskis could be in your future!

  2. Hey, the Extension website your name links to is very interesting…worth a look to other readers..

    And I could find your email there!
    Thanks again.


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