4FRI Contract Switched

Forest Service announces transfer of forest restoration contract

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – The Forest Service announced today the nation’s largest stewardship contract to treat 300,000 acres over a 10-year period as part of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) has been transferred from Pioneer Forest Products to Good Earth Power AZ LLC (Good Earth).

Good Earth is now contractually obligated to carry out the terms and conditions of the phase 1 4FRI stewardship contract, which involves forest restoration treatments across four National Forests in northern Arizona. The Forest Service agreed to the novation proposal submitted by Pioneer and will recognize the transfer of the contract to Good Earth as part of its larger acquisition of Pioneer’s assets.

As part of the novation process, the Forest Service determined that Good Earth is both financially and technically sound to successfully perform the terms of the existing contract, originally awarded to Pioneer in May 2012.

“As our key commitment is to people and communities, we will reinvest 50% of our profits to deliver everyday practical benefits at the local level with a focus on education and healthcare. We are very excited to get started and to make a difference,” said Good Earth’s Global CEO, Jason Rosamond.

Forest restoration treatments under the existing contract have already begun. Work is nearing completion on the first task order for the treatment of 932 acres on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests which was issued in April 2013. The Forest Service will assess the performance of Good Earth under the contract based on the accomplishment of these and future task orders. Over the lifetime of the contract, approximately 300,000 acres will be treated.

“We are committed to the success of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative and look forward to working with Good Earth to achieve the landscape-scale results we all recognize as crucial to protecting our forests and communities,” said Cal Joyner, regional forester for the Forest Service’s Southwestern Region. “Collaboration with partners and dedication to the overarching goal of restoration are the keys to success in an effort of this magnitude.”

For those unfamiliar with the term “novation” here is a link. I have an email in to find out more about the new company.

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