Federal Employee Appreciation Day!


Just because they’re not at work today, through no fault of their own, doesn’t mean you can’t call or email them at home, or on Facebook or whatever, with a note telling them how much you appreciate their efforts. Because of the rancid nature of the current political discourse, some folks are posting negative things about them that they don’t deserve. Blaming the victim; always a bad strategy for change.

But you can add a little light to the Universe today.. just send a thank you to that special Fed who has made the world, or your world, a better place. This is the day. Now is the time. IMHO.

5 thoughts on “Federal Employee Appreciation Day!”

  1. Here is a reminder that temporary employees get a mandatory unpaid six month “furlough”, every single year! They also don’t get health insurance, retirement or employment security. Neither political party wants to correct these problems. I think that every temp should initiate a work slowdown, because no one cares about their lives.

    • Larry: Total agreement. Management of USFS lands by temps is (mostly) like fancy rstaurants hiring McDonald cooks as chefs. Just one more reason our forests are such a mess and why Congress has proven inept in taking even the most basic steps to fix the problem. Fortunately, there are exceptions, such as yourself and a few others we could both name. In the meantime, I’m starting to accept the paranoia of those who think that the destruction and neglect of America’s most valuable resources is a communist plot to destroy from within. It certainly does sound stupid, but nothing else makes any better sense.

    • Larry.. IMHO you should write a post about this.. what work they do.. what other work they do to make ends meet..then post it and we can have Temporary Federal Employee Appreciation Day!

  2. There are some Feds who understand who their employers are.
    But I’m not impressed with the way the Park Service is handling the shutdown. The essential employees in this case would be the gate-keepers at the parks, who could collect r e v e n u e s — and the janitors, who could unlock the cans and maintain them as needed. The high-mucketies could just stay home for the duration.
    Seems to me the shutdown is being arranged for maximal harm and annoyance, and guess what?” It’s backfiring.

    • Dave, what you’re demanding is quite simply illegal.

      The only “essential” employees, under the Anti-Deficiency Act, are those reasonably deemed necessary to preserve federal property and protect life and safety. So, protection rangers and firefighters can be exempted. Visitor use assistants, park ranger-interpreters and maintenance workers cannot.


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