Kornze Appointed BLM Director

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today praised President Obama’s intent to nominate Neil G. Kornze as Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). … Kornze has led the BLM since March 1, 2013, as Principal Deputy Director, overseeing its conservation, outdoor recreation and energy development programs. …


He has a lot of policy experience but not, apparently, any actual land management experience.

Any thoughts about how this may (or may not) affect the BLM?


2 thoughts on “Kornze Appointed BLM Director”

  1. If he has good land management experienced people working for him, probably he will do OK. Unfortunately, the numbers who have such field experience seems to shrink all the time. And I do not include that cohort which now spends their professional life manipulating GIS layers in an office. A very useful tool for field people but such a detachment from the actual world is something which vexes me to no end,

    My older FS friends talk about a younger crowd which hardly leaves the office these days.

    Not to sound like an old crank, which too many of us tend towards on this blog, but it is a real problem.

  2. It is stated that Mr. Kornze was appointed last March 2013. From what I am reading, and emails I am receiving I am feeling very frustrated that the BLM continues to turn its head the other way when it comes to saving Wild Horses. They are rounded up and most put in terrible locations penned up to live lives of misery, also thousands have been sent to kill buyers with the BLM looking the other way, and then they go to slaughter to create unhealthy meat products for foreign countries such as Japan, France, Belgium, and other countries. This all disgusts me. Also Fish and Wildlife are doing some very cruel setting of traps where dogs have lost their legs, and the cruelty to our precious wildlife is abhorent. I please with Mr. Kornze to speak up for our horses, propose legislation which would greatly improve protections for our horses and other wildlife. Create some birth control methods for mares perhaps. Thank you for reading my emotional feelings involving our horses, I consider this an extremely important issue, and its reflection on the human species, its a very sad day.


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