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Imagine my relief when I read on the Forest Service’s homepage that our federal government has a “vision” to ensure there will be future generations.

Oops, turns out to be not quite so ambitious, only a “2020 Vision” to ensure that future generations “can enjoy wilderness.”

Curious to know more, I read the press release looking for the 2020 Vision, or at least a link to it. Not there. Nor can Google find it. Nor is it where the news release says I “can learn more” at

Maybe 2020 refers to its release date?

[Thanks to a helpful reader, here is a URL pointer to the 2020 Vision.]

3 thoughts on “Visionary”

  1. Too bad it doesn’t say “insure”, those of us with kids could use some of that…

    Like with the ESA, “Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act requires Federal agencies to insure that any action authorized, funded or carried out by them is not likely to jeopardize the continued existence of listed species or modify their critical habitat.”

    I’m guessing that if USFS really had to “insure” their activities, their level of care would go up 🙂

  2. Hey Andy, we were given a five-page summary of the “2020 Vision: Interagency stewardship priorities for America’s National Wilderness Preservation System” at the 50th Anniversary of Wilderness Act in Albuquerque last week. I’d be glad to scan and send it to you. Not too much substance there. Maybe there is a longer version somewhere.



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