National Stewardship Contracting Virtual Meeting Jan 27 2015

Sounds like quite the wonkfest….

National Stewardship Contracting Virtual Meeting

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Eastern Case Studies: 11:00 AM EST
Western Case Studies: 12:30 PM EST
Registration required: Register now

Why should you attend?
Fresh off its permanent authorization in the 2014 Farm Bill, stewardship contracting is factoring into the activities of National Forests and BLM Districts across the country. This webinar is a great opportunity to learn more about how tribes, conservation groups, local communities, private landowners, and various non-agency stakeholders are engaging in the management of federal forests through stewardship contracting. In this virtual meeting you will get to hear stories and lessons learned from recent stewardship contracting projects and be able to reflect on your own experiences working on stewardship contracting projects.

Topics we will discuss include:

How non-agency stakeholders have engaged in stewardship contracting projects,
Whether collaboration on stewardship contracting projects changes the way the Federal agencies and external groups interact,
Differences between projects with established collaborative groups and those that do not have established collaborative groups, and
How the scope and scale of stewardship contracting projects is affected by involvement of non-agency groups.

How to join the meeting
A brief registration is required. To register now click here.

Case Studies Overview
We are offering two webinars, each with a regional focus. The first webinar at 11am EST will cover the six stewardship contracting projects studied in the Eastern US; the second webinar at 12:30pm EST will cover the nine projects studied in the Western US. You may register for either or both sessions. Themes cutting across stewardship contracting projects nationwide will be addressed in both regional meetings.

For background on Programmatic Monitoring of Stewardship Contracting:

This meeting is hosted by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation, Michigan State University, the Watershed Research and Training Center, the USDA Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.

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