The Forest Service: Fighting climate change since 1974

(In memory of the Keystone Pipeline)

As you know, the Senate recently voted to acknowledge that climate change is real.  In this story,  one senator called it ‘a step forward’ for Republicans.  What is most remarkable is that they must have been marching backwards since a much wiser Congress passed the Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act in 1974.  That law, recognizing “the necessity for a long term perspective in planning and undertaking related national renewable resource programs administered by the Forest Service,” required that the Secretary of Agriculture prepare a periodic renewable resource assessment that must include “an analysis of the rural and urban forestry opportunities to mitigate the buildup of atmospheric carbon dioxide and reduce the risk of global climate change.”  (Draw your own conclusions – here.)

2 thoughts on “The Forest Service: Fighting climate change since 1974”

  1. As we all know clearcutting releases more CO2 emissions than many other forms of logging and the replants will not be carbon neutral for 20-40 years. Which is well beyond the tipping point of climate disaster as is now being realized. So, therefore clearcutting should no longer be allowed on Federal or private lands with rare exception such as disease etc.


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