County job description for biologist: “help us combat the radical environmental influence”

This job interview of a former Forest Service employee by Tuolumne County Supervisors didn’t go well.

Supervisor Evan Royce noted he wanted to be explicit with Boroski, trying to make sure they are on the same page, by saying, “I think we have experienced a lot of extreme environmental influence on public lands policy and in Tuolumne County 78% of our county is publically owned and that has a huge effect on our communities, and we fight very hard on this board to try to protect our communities and represent them in a way that will preserve our quality of life and prosperity…looking into the future, as we are about to adopt a general plan and we’re dealing with new forest plans, it’s very critical to us that if we are going to do business with you that you represent us in that way and you help us combat the radical environmental influence that you see from groups like Center for Biological Diversity. That’s what we want.

A revealing look at their approach to forest plan collaboration.

4 thoughts on “County job description for biologist: “help us combat the radical environmental influence””

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jon. Not that this kind of thing is particularly new, but it does reflect the current partisan divide that is tearing apart families. Historically, there was only one time in our nation’s history when it was this bad – post Civil War.

    An unfortunate sign of the times.

  2. This is a position responsible for science. I think we’ve had some discussions here about the need for scientific integrity and separation of politics and science.


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