Litigation Weekly December 1

Litigation Weekly Dec 1

The court issued a preliminary injunction against grazing domestic sheep on two allotments on the Targhee NF that are used for the U. S. Sheep Experiment Station because the forest plan appears to require removal of the sheep to prevent disease transmission to bighorn sheep to maintain a viable population.  (D. Idaho)

In a case involving a permit issued by the Bridger-Teton NF to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission for supplemental elk feeding, the District of Columbia District Court granted the Forest Service request to transfer the case to the District of Wyoming.

This is the second lawsuit brought against the Rosemont Copper Mine project on the Coronado NF and involves alleged violations of the Clean Water Act, NEPA and other legal requirements.  Other links are provided here.  (D. Ariz.)

Alleged violations of ESA for failing to monitor road culverts as required by prior consultation on bull trout, and failure of consultation to address the impacts of climate change.

The non-profit owner of conservation lands is challenging FERC’s process for condemnation of those lands for a natural gas pipeline.

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