Litigation Weekly Dec. 8

Litigation Weekly Dec 8

22 plaintiffs filed 200 pages of allegations in 3 complaints against Trump et. al. for modifying the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah (partly on the Manti-La Sal National Forest).  (All cases were filed in the D. C. District.)  Stay tuned for more!!

Hopi Tribe v Trump

NRDC v Trum1

Utah Dine Bikeya v Trump


3 thoughts on “Litigation Weekly Dec. 8”

  1. It’s very interesting to compare the scaled-down monument boundaries to the presence of oil, gas, coal and uranium deposits! The maps are in a recent NY Times or Wash. Post article.
    Yet Sec. Zinke has the gall to say the reductions aren’t about energy! To paraphrase his boss, I think that’s fake news.
    The president’s recent decision flies in the face of our long history of protecting special lands for future generations. Teddy R. may be turning over in his grave seeing what a current republican pres. is doing.

  2. So, tell me what the value of special lands is compared to the value of the dollar? Drilling, mining, cutting, fracking all create jobs and wealth, which make America great again, at least until the paychecks have been spent, the wealth is squandered, the clean air and water are a distant memory, the land is an industrial wasteland and the climate is unfit for human habitation. Great, huh?

  3. Just want to thank you for posting this well argued law suit! Warms my heart to see all those heartless names under “vs”. I commented to Interior against this action. I don’t see how they can lose this argument, but if they do, we are in for a world of trouble.


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