The Smokey Wire Went Down.. Post New Problems Here

This site went down unexpectedly last night.  It turns out that Bluehost, our hosting service, found malware on our site and it needed to be cleaned up.  So I had to pay a service to clean it up and provide protection into the future. It is now cleaned up but there has been a glitch or two (like I had to add back the ability to comment). No mysteries here, but if you run into a problem it may be that some settings were changed.  Please post any problems in comments below.

We have been really fortunate, by the grace of Gaia, that this has not happened before in the last nine years, and fortunate that this happened while we have an expert on call!



3 thoughts on “The Smokey Wire Went Down.. Post New Problems Here”

  1. Folks, I suggest that you consider making a donation to Sharon for maintenance of this site. I made a small donation late last year — not much by itself, but if we all made small donations they’d add up to a significant amount.

    Thanks to those of you you have already donated! And thanks to Sharon for keeping this blog up and running.

    • I too wondered why anyone in their right mind would bother a harmless site with no $ involved like us. But some people apparently use site to break into servers and go after the least well protected- which would have been us.


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