Smokey’s Shutdown Survival Guide

Smokey’s Shutdown Survival Guide from Brian McFadden, who wrote:

Two Three weeks into a shutdown, and our national parks are getting the Bundy Family treatment. Dig a proper latrine and make sure it’s deep enough to hold all the sh*t coming out of Mitch McConnell and the White House.

Despite being Interior Secretary for nearly two years, this is my first time drawing Ryan Zinke. I missed a lot of opportunities to draw his fivehead, which has more of a Frankenstein/John Cornyn vibe than Stephen Miller’s Twilight Zone “To Serve Man” alien.

6 thoughts on “Smokey’s Shutdown Survival Guide”

  1. Really Smokey with the Park Service? and what’s with this thing making fun of the way people look? Saying mean things about people isn’t necessarily funny, just sayin’

    • I agree that editorial cartoonist Brian McFadden shouldn’t make fun of the way people look, or say mean things about people. I mean, he’s just an editorial cartoonist, not President of the United States of America, for Pete’s sake.

  2. Thanks for injecting some humor into a pathetic situation; a president who doesn’t give a hoot about the environment and thinks that raking up all the organic litter will prevent fires. Uh huh!
    I feel badly for my many friends in the FS and NPS who are getting shafted by Trump and McConnell. I can’t even contact them now at their fed email addresses.
    Smokey should be a uni-Bear right? Opposed to fire regardless of the managing agency.
    I do agree with Sharon that pokes at people’s appearance isn’t a great idea.
    But questioning their motives and intelligence is fair game when people propose such ludicrous policies that have no basis in science.

    • If people do “x” then it’s OK to question their motives and intelligence? We’re going to have to agree to disagree on that. I don’t think saying mean things about others is good for our souls, and perhaps more pragmatically, leads to furthering partisan divides which can lead to … government shutdowns. IMHO.

  3. Absolutely question motives. That’s what the investigative pros do. And you can question the wisdom of decisions by examining the process that led to them, including the decision maker’s understanding of the facts.


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