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I happened to come across the 2018 annual report for the national forest in my neck of the woods, the Mount Hood. Here’s the financial info in the report. It’s interesting to compare the categories.

Anyone know where I might find out how much Congress (and R6) allocated to the Mount Hood?


2 0 1 8 E X P E N D I T U R E S
Facilities Maintenance & Construction$703,212
Fire Preparedness$719,501
Fire Suppression$2,655,847
Fuel Reduction$1,229,372
General Administration$3,754,131
Lands & Realty$236,094
Mineral & Mining Management$26,756
Planning, Inventory & Monitoring$203,095
Range Administration$42,043
Recreation Management (including rec fees collected)$1,799,289
Road\Trail Maintenance and Construction$1,734,986
State and Private Forestry$836,144
Timber & Vegetation Management$5,710,167
Wildlife\Botany\Fisheries\Watershed Management$1,309,368
Emergency Relief Program (Road Repair)$855,646
T O T A L$24,641,825


2 0 1 8 R E V E N U E S A N D C O L L E C T I O N S
Agreements with Partners$252,785
Botanical Products$23,563
Brush Disposal$67,723
Cooperative Work$2,870,831
Cost Recovery$58,699
Recreation & Special Uses$614,538
Stewardship Contracts$513,806
Timber Salvage Sales$104,777
T O T A L$4,636,768


Clackamas County$8,410
Hood River County$13,706
Multnomah County$0
Wasco County$23,791
T O T A L$45,907


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  1. Have you tried asking the Forest? Seems like their Public Affairs folks should be able to help you with that request. And it’s pretty safe to say that most of the “expenditures” reflect what they were allocated, with the exception of some trust funds like K-V and Brush Disposal and Stewardship Retained Receipts, which are generated from timber product sales and spent on the unit they were generated on.

    • I was hoping to find a web site with amounts allocated to each forest.

      FWIW, it is often difficult to find the name and contact info for public affairs folks on many forests. They aren’t listed on forest web pages and many press releases have no contacts listed. I have been trying to ask a question of a public affairs person for the Gifford Pinchot and have found no info in the GF web site. The main phone number I called has no option for a real operator — it’s a frustrating automated system that leads nowhere. I left a voice mail for the asst. forest supervisor — I found the name I found in a news article and looked up contact info in the USFS employee directory. No response 2 weeks later. If I were a reporter on a short deadline, I’d be growling….

      • Steve- FWIW I have had the best luck calling (I’ve tried an R-5 and R-2 Forest recently) and I’ve gotten real people answer who direct me to the Public Affairs people. Too bad the automated system doesn’t work the way it should.

        Perhaps it’s too simple to think you could just subtract the revenues from the outlays and get what the Region allocated?

        Which makes me wonder, does every Forest do an annual report? If so do they follow a standard template?

        • Revenues collected on National Forests go to the treasury for the most part. In any case, retained funds are part of the allocation to each forest. Even though retained funds (recreation fees, reforestation, etc) may be designated for a particular forest, the forest must be “allocated” those funds in order to spend. The expended funds will be close to the allocated amount, but will not be precise – people under spend and over spend.

          • This is inaccurate. Retained receipts are not part of a forest’s allocation. They are retained, as in, not sent back to the RO or WO.

            The vast majority of recreation fees also stay on the unit where they are collected. That’s why you should buy your annual pass on your favorite unit because they keep most of the money.

  2. Steve, Congress does not usually allocate funds to the forests directly, the usual route is allocation to the FS, which the WO allocates to Regions, who in turn allocate to the NF’s. Occasionally a forest will have a direct allocation from Congress or the WO for a specific project. I am not aware of anyplace where that information is on a public web site – you would need to contact the Mt Hood directly and talk with the budget officer.

    • Thanks, Anon. Why isn’t Laura Pramuk’s contact info listed on the MHNF web site? It would make it much easier for reporters like me to contact them.

      FWIW, I tried the Gifford Pinchot’s “contact us” form. I’ll let you know if and when I get and response.


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