Thanksgiving Gratitude in 2020

Wyoming Turkeys:
It all started in 1935, when the Wyoming Game and Fish Department swapped sage grouse with New Mexico for 15 Merriam’s turkeys – nine hens and six toms. Photo by Kirk Thornton


I missed posting this on Thanksgiving, but here are some TSW related people and things I’m thankful for..

  • Forest Service employees and partners, especially those  who have been dealing with the massive influx of recreators since Covid hit. Actually, I’m grateful for all Forest Service and BLM employees, even those doing the most tedious and mind-numbing tasks.
  • Wildland firefighters and folks who support them- both at work and their families.
  • The passage of the GAOA and the many infrastructure and conservation projects that are being funded.

I’m thankful for the people who contribute to The Smokey Wire, whether time, treasure or talent; who make it a safe place to learn and to disagree.

I’m thankful for the people who make The Smokey Wire possible.   Hillary, our web guru, and the folks at WordPress.  And behind the scenes, the people who produce, manufacture or build, and transport computers and other devices, internet connections, electricity, buildings, heat and food.

Please add your own if you feel inclined.

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