Is There a Current Complete Forest Service Categorical Exclusion Crosswalk Somewhere?

For us retired folks, it’s hard to keep up with new CE’s, and for the regulatory ones, litigation throwing them out. I ran across this handy table comparing the Farm Bill and Wildfire Resilience CEs. It says “draft” and didn’t come from the FS website. I know the Forest Service usually puts out good training material for NEPA practitioners, so I’m hoping that one that is complete for all vegetation-related CEs is out there somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Is There a Current Complete Forest Service Categorical Exclusion Crosswalk Somewhere?”

  1. I’ve prepared a list of available USFS CEs – is that what you’re looking for? They are also all published in the Code of Federal Regulations at 36 CFR 220.6.

  2. The only thing I have seen is a table that compares the previous CEs to the new changes. That is what I generally think of as a “cross-walk” – a comparison of the old with the new to tie the two together.

  3. Yes, I was looking more for a crosswalk that showed the relationship between the HFRA CE’s in the above crosswalk and the new CE. Using the common name would help. Also I saw this in the Q&As for the new regulations:
    “The categorical exclusion for hazardous fuels treatments (CE 10) is currently the
    subject of judicial review.
    ◦ The hazardous fuels treatment category will be retained in the NEPA
    procedures subject to the continued instructions of the Chief that Forest
    Service officials must refrain from use of this category while the litigation
    remains unresolved. Once the judicial process has been concluded, the
    category either will remain or be removed, depending upon the litigation’s

    My questions, how does the new regulatory CE relate to the statutory HFRA CEs? Also if category 10 is a statutory CE, what about it landed it in court?


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