Chris French Update on What’s Happening with the Biden Admin and the Forest Service

Thanks to NAFSR for this link!.

Chris has includes many items of interest in this update, including about Alaska, Oak Flats, GAOA projects, legislation, and (for those of us who have been concerned) that the Admin is not going for a Wilderness only view of what is included in 30 x 30, even though some groups want this.

For those of you who watched the Department of Interior Public Forum on their Oil and Gas Leasing Review last week, you might wonder whether USDA and Interior (plus Commerce for NMFS) and even more Departments (!)…. could work jointly on improving consultation processes rather than having separate efforts…oh well.


2 thoughts on “Chris French Update on What’s Happening with the Biden Admin and the Forest Service”

  1. Probably the first encouraging news I’ve heard from the new administration, that they are not going to pursuing a wilderness only version of 30×30 and are pushing back against the groups demanding that.

  2. This was hard to watch. I ran through it twice and pretty much decided that what he said, in unbridled bureaucratese, could be interpreted in unending opposing ways.

    “Serving the underserved?”

    He looked to me like he was worried about getting beaten with a stick once he got off camera. I wouldn’t want this guy’s job right now. Can you imagine the daily stress this guy has to handle?

    I’ll bet he dreams of owning a McDonald’s franchise in the midwest somewhere, where he can pull his kids across a lake water skiing in the summer, and cross-country skiing in the winter.


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