The “Venom” Super E-bike

Saw an ad for Rambo Electric Bikes and had to check it out. This is their top of the line, The Venom.

Doesn’t report a top speed, but says it has a range of 40 miles.

The Venom is the best of the best! Delivering it all in one solid bike featuring a new Rohloff internal 14 gear speed rear hub, 48v 17AH battery and a 1000w Ultra Drive motor – no terrain is going to stop you! Paired with Maxxis Minion 26×4.8” tires and 4 Piston Hydraulic brakes, you have the recipe of a perfect hunting bike. From the mountains to the flat prairie, The Venom is you’re all-in-one ebike!”

Is this more of a motorcycle than a bicycle? I think so.

4 thoughts on “The “Venom” Super E-bike”

  1. Found it. The company says, “The top speed of our R1000XP varies as well on rider weight and cargo, but tops out between 26 and 30mph.”

  2. This might be suitable on gravel roads, bit any attempt at those speeds on single-track trails is likely to end in a crash, particularly with a tree in wooded areas.

  3. 71 pounds of dead weight when the battery is done. Does the gearing work when the power’s off? That’s a lot of weight to peddle without shifting.

  4. It’s a marketing ploy to sell bikes and make money. This is a low-cost under performing device that is engineered to attract new naive people to bicycling. Most communties and land managers have embraced the federal definition of ebike classifications. This is a product that has no venue for operation as it falls outside of classification yet would be a pathetic electric motorcycle. It’s just a bicycle shaped object.


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