Cool Technologies Round-up: Wolves, Eagles, Sheep, Seed and Satellites

I’ve seen a variety of cool new technologies so thought I’d put them all in one post.

Drone seeding (if you watched the Bladon wildfire and hydrology seminar, you might reflect that aerial seeding in itself is nothing new). There is probably a history of direct seeding versus planting after fires, by location, somewhere. Still, doing it with drones is relatively new and could have some advantages.

Working to prevent eagle kills from wind turbines.

Grazing sheep under solar panels

I recently attended a Zoom Conference put on by Arizona State Extension on Biochar. A question came up in our group “why feed it to livestock?”. Apparently it’s allowed for food animals in Europe but not here (yet). This is why it’s good. Again, for sheep.

Hazing wolves. This is not new technology, but if you’re wondering how they do it at Yellowstone.

Wooden satellites cut space junk.

3 thoughts on “Cool Technologies Round-up: Wolves, Eagles, Sheep, Seed and Satellites”

  1. Does anyone know of any studies that have compared drone seeding with aerial seeding (non-drone)? The drone seeding has a fairly low success rate (15% of the seed “pucks” produce a seedling). And the drones that I am aware of being used for seeding don’t have the battery/power capacity to get to the remote areas where seeding would be preferred due to lack of access.


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