Debbie Page-Dumroese on “Why Biochar?”: From Biochar in the Southwest Workshop

Thanks to University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Chris Jones and partners, for putting on this Biochar Opportunities in the Southwest Workshop, which involved researchers, forest management types, and current and future entrepreneurs, exchanging ideas, information and experiences.

Here’s the link to recordings of all the presentations and report-outs.

My personal favorite was Deb Page-Dumroese of the Rocky Mountain Research Station, one of the founders of, and a current leader in, the woody biochar field. I would call her an “eminence grise.” Her presentation starts 7 minutes in here. Rethinking slash piles, (clip above) is around 29 minutes.

If you’ve been following biochar from woody material off and on, as I have, this seminar is a great way to get up to date. If you have never learned about it, it’s a great introduction.

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