Potential Non-Career Fed Candidates for BLM Director

One more thing before I go.. last week, I posted this piece on potential career folks who could be selected for BLM Director. I was also given the name of one non-fed, Dave Johnson, Director of Fisheries at the Nez Perce, as being very good at working with all kinds of people, stakeholders and government officials of all parties, on natural resource issues. He could be (possibly) the first Native American BLM Director, which could help with the Biden Administration’s goals of working better with Tribes. With all the press around different Tribes and their members’ views of Bears Ears expansion and contraction, his background as a Tribal member could help. His background is “in the west” and “on the ground” and as a fisheries biologist is likely to a strong science background- and the Biden Administration has stated and expressed through other selections, that they are interested in elevating science.

Anyway, my point isn’t to promote a specific person- in my case, this is hearsay, after all; but to leave a place for people to promote their own candidates, should they wish to do so, in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Potential Non-Career Fed Candidates for BLM Director”

  1. Retired BLM Deputy Director for Operations Steve Ellis (new president of National Association of Forest Service Retirees) should be considered for this position.

    • Thanks, Les! Rumor has it he was considered.. but someone important didn’t like him… oh, the ways of politics! If I had a nickel for every political who didn’t like me, I’d be a rich woman and buy my own conservation ranch…

  2. Much like Trumpers promising that he will be re-instated, this conversation of who would be best to lead the BLM continues on despite the decision already having been made.

    And just because it’s less of a regulatory capture than fossil fool industry prefers, it doesn’t mean you get a do over. The votes are already lined up, the confirmation hearings are complete, your baseless smear campaign against her failed (yet again) and it’s just a matter of a final vote along party lines and then Tracy Stone-Manning is going to be the next head of the BLM.

    But who knows, maybe you’re taking a week off from Smokey-Wire so you and your fossil fool buddies can again storm the capitol and prevent the confirmation?


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