Check Out the R-6 Fuel Treatment Effectiveness Monitoring Dashboard!

If you click on this screenshot, you can see the FTEM Dashboard more clearly.


Region 6 (Pacific Northwest) is experimenting with making information from FTEM (fuel treatment effectiveness monitoring) more accessible to the public.  They produced this Dashboard, which I think is really interesting and fun to play with.  My favorite thing to do is to look at the reports for the treatment units on fires in country I’ve worked in, and look at the photos.

FTEM also contains information on how many fires encountered fuel treatments in a given year, and what was the outcome.  Clearly fires have been encountering fuel treatments, and having effects. That may be counter to some modeling projections (can’t remember the study offhand).

If you’re interested, please explore it and feel free to ask questions and make suggestions in the comments below.

The FTEM team is also working on loading information for more recent years, and analyzing FY ’21 data.

2 thoughts on “Check Out the R-6 Fuel Treatment Effectiveness Monitoring Dashboard!”

  1. First, I’ll say this is a great job because this was A LOT of work!

    The default extent on the dashboard makes it confusing to a non esri user. By playing with the map I found that you have to find an actual object to click on (which are not easily visible, mostly off the extent and -> suggesting that the user click to full extent FIRST will solve that problem. Open map to full extent, select a fire or fuel treatment, then minimize the map so you can see the dashboard results.

    I would also suggest as changing the word ‘object’ [object to click on] to ‘fire or fuel treatment’… not all objects on the map have pop ups.

    And note that the stats on the dashboard change with changing the extent on the map (zooming in/out).

    • Thank you for the appreciation and excellent feedback, Lisa! We are working on the 2021 dashboard and will make some changes based on what you shared.


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