Happy Holidays, Everyone!


Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Folks!

It is that special time of the year during which we can sing to trees without risking societal opprobrium. Here’s Nat King Cole in German:

And the Holly and the Ivy.  an interesting historical piece on the Holly and the Ivy, pre-Christian and Christian. apparently some of the earlier versions referred to foresters in this line

Holly hath berries, as red as any rose,
The foresters, the hunters, keep them from the does.


May peace, love and hope fill your hearts, your families and our world this season of  Christmas/Solstice/Kwanzaa.


I’ll be back January 3rd or thereabouts.  If you do donations at the end of the year, The Smokey Wire would greatly appreciate them.  Donations are not tax-deductible. However.

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays, Everyone!”

    • Thanks! Happiness and good health to you all. FWIW, the power is off here in Zigzag, OR, but we have a generator and plenty of food. Low of wine, though, which is a worry…. 26 degrees and snow showers. 10 inches on the ground.


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