Weekly Roundup: Readers’ Stories of Interest for Discussion

Bill Gabbert of Wildfire Today had an excellent idea of having a post (he calls it the “staging area”) specifically about stories or other topics that hadn’t been covered. We kind of have that with the tab “other topics of interest” but I think this approach is more encouraging to people. What went on this week that we didn’t post about that you would like to discuss?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: Readers’ Stories of Interest for Discussion”

  1. This one is BLM, which as all here know is Interior, not Ag, nonetheless it’s public lands.

    It was just yesterday afternoon so there isn’t much written yet. A jury found 4 hunters not guilty of trespassing when they corner crossed on checkerboarded BLM land in Wyoming.https://wyofile.com/not-guilty-corner-crossers-cleared-of-all-charges/
    I’d like to see a 30 ft right of way at least 2 corners of every parcel to allow foot of vehicular traffic. It’s our land and I don’t like being locked out. Also rivers. And USFS land that we are kept out of by private. If it belongs to the public, the public should have access. I don’t care so much for hunting, but rather access for all the multiple uses our public lands now see. Camping, biking, whatever.

    Lotta landowners in Wyoming doing some thinking this weekend.


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